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Time to Plant:

Time for Summer Gardens

May 4, 2014

We have had a warm dry winter but now is the time to start planting our summer gardens. Hot weather is perfect for tomatoes especially Heirlooms which have more flavor. Plants some Roma's for pasta sauces as they are meatier and have less water. Also consider zucchini and summer squash, Corn, Cucumbers and beans. Make sure that you have Basil, Dill, Fennel, Sage and Thyme to had flavor to your dishes. Check out a vegetable page for the best plants to grow in the summer. Make sure to add and till in a slow acting, low concentrate of Nitrogen, Phosprous and Potassium. For an organic solution for Nitrogen use Bloodmeal, Cottonseed Meal or well composted manure, for Phosphorous use bone meal and for Potassium use a kelp meal or wood ash.

Water Conservation

Steps to Reduce Water Use.

May 4, 2014

Water is a problem here in Southern California, especially after our dry warm winter. The following suggestions will help cut down your water bill. If you must water by hand, use a soaker hose or sprinkler wand. They are more effecient than a regular hose and nozzle. Make sure that you store your hoses in the shade. Hot water coming out of a hose that has sat in the sun all day can stress and damage your plants. Let the water run and cool down before you shower your plants. Lawns need about 1 inch of water per week and perennials need 1 to 2 inches of water per week, so don't over water. If it is overly hot and windy, you may have to add additional water - Just don't over do it. Too much water can cause root rot. Water in the root zone, which is about double the size of the canopy. If the water starts to run off, let the water soak in before continuing. Water runoff is the biggest waste of water. Keep an eye on sprinklers to make sure your plants are receiving the benefit of the water and not the sidewalk. Keep your mulch fresh and loose. If it looks crusty, rake it up to allow the water to soak through. Water in the morning to allow the plants to soak up the water for the lond hot day.

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Summer in So California

Hot Hot Hot

May 4, 2014

With our hot summers in Southern California, one of the best things you can do is to apply Mulch to your garden areas. A good organic mulch will not only reduce the amount of water evaporation from your soil but will also add essential nutrients back in. It helps break up the clay in the soil providing for better water satuation. It also insulates the soil and, most importantly, helps keep the weeds down. If you notice bare areas in your garden that could use a boost of organic mulch, call us to schedule a fresh layer of mulch to be installed. Not only will your plants love it but it will give your yard a clean fresh look for the summer.

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On-going maintenance of a garden is essential not only to guarantee its health and long-term appearance, but to protect what could easily be a substantial investment. Our maintnenace teams strive to keep your landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive. We plan and carry out annual plantings and harvestings, weeding, fertilizing, shrub pruning, path and drive maintenance. We will supplement the topsoil to provide for healthy plants and will also check your landscape lighting, irrigation and drainage so that you can enjoy your yard without worry. Extra services can be provided if desired.

Vegetable Garden Vegetable Gardens

Many of our customers have requested vegetable gardens preferring to harvest and eat fresh vegetables from their own backyard. Here in Southern California, we have a year round growning season. Our maintnenance crews can help you get started on your own veggie garden. Check out our Vegetable Garden page for which vegetables can be grown during each season. There are even several variety of tomatoes that can be planted in early fall for a winter harvest.


Water Gardens

Koi ponds are becoming a popular addition to residential gardens. Not only will the koi pKoiond increase your property value but it will also add the benifit of pure relaxation and visual enjoyment for all. Koi ponds can be designed around all types of needs, requirements and budgets. It is important to consider the size of the pond and the area of space that the property has for the pond. Koi fish require some maintenance - general feeding and proper filtration within the pond to ensure the water is clean for the fish to thrive in and enjoy their home. They can be built to have a modern design or be designed as natural as a woodland pond or lake. Natural stones and plants can add to the ambience of the pond and help blend it in with the natural landscape. You will need to keep in mind that koi love to eat plants and will eat water lilies, water lettuce and hyacinth placed in the pond. You might want to consider placing the plants around the perimeter and throwing in some romaine or dark leafy lettuce and citrus fruits for the koi to munch on. If you wish to add koi fish, we have a great supplier of quality koi fish. If you do not want the care of the fish, you can still enjoy a water garden with a soothing waterfall to help mask the city traffic.


Special Events

Holiday Decorating

Christmas HouseRunning out of time during the holidays? Check one chore off your list by having us decorate your house. We will take your lights and and sting them along you house, fence and trees. We re-direct your landscape lights and add colored bulbs to them to make sure your holidays are a joyous occassion.




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