Beautiful Cut Flowers





AL'S CHOICE -  Red streaks daintily paint its beginning, but ends with a clear effervescent yellow. ANGEL CHEEKS - Soft cameo pink double bomb with flaring guard petals; some of the petals have deeper pink highlights and hairline red edges. BARTZELLA   - Giant, 9 1/2 – inch blooms of soft yellow release a delicate, lemony scent. BEN FRANKLIN - Benjamin Franklin peony is a dark red with a lavender touch.  Wonderfully fragrant, blooming around Memorial Day.
BORDER CHARM  - The “sunset” at the heart of ‘Border Charm’ reveals, petal by petal, and each stage of bloom is a delight to witness. BOWL OF CREAM - Creamy white bowl-shaped double flowers that can measure 9-1/2" across! Hidden golden stamens. BRIDAL SHOWER  - White bomb double. BRIDE'S DREAM - Japanese white.
CHARLIE’S WHITE - White bomb double. CORAL CHARM - Large, brilliant coral semi-double; the tight coral pink buds open to a rich coral peach then fade to softer shades of coral all the way to tangerine yellow. CORAL SUNSET - Intensely coral semi-double with a rosy infusion that adds a sunset glow to the coral; large, dramatic blooms. DUCHESS DE NEMOURS - This medium size white anemone flower is superbly fragrant; large cupped white guard petals surround a full center of light canary yellow that pales to white with pale green at the base of the petals.
ETCHED SALMON -  Showy rich salmon-coral double with inner petaloids brightly etched with gold. FESTIVA MAXIMA - Tall, large white double that opens with vivid crimson edges on some of the petals; an old variety and still one of the most popular. GARDEN TREASURE - Bright butter yellow single flowers that have muted scarlet red flares at the tips. GERRY - Full double of vivid rose-red.
GOLDILOCKS  - This pretty blonde is a full-bodied bomb double with a ruffled yellow skirt and a great sense of style. GREEN HALO - Its typical semi-double flowers features rare apple-green guard petals that create the base for a central tuft of creamy white petals and petloides. GREEN LOTUS single creamy white petals with a hint of green and sometimes pink around a center bowl of yellow staminodes. HONEY GOLD - Broad creamy guard petals surround a large mass of wavy, pale yellow staminodes, then from the center creamy white petals crown this striking white and gold peony.
JAY CEE - Bold and brassy double in 'American Beauty' red. The blooms are full of frilly petals. Nice fragrance. JOKER - A pink rose-form double, lovely in itself, becomes even more so as the petals pale while leaving an picotee edges KANSAS - Bright maroon red, Magenta, full double with a few hidden stamens LEMON CHIFFON -The best yellow double blooms semi-double
MADELINE TERESA - Watermelon colored; bomb; Early MARSHMALLOW PUFF - Elegant, pure white, well formed double of excellent substance. Rows of fluffy petals. MARY JO LEGARE - Deep pink, double. A very deep pink double with outer petals that fade after opening. Outstanding color! PETITE RENEE - Fragrant! This old French jewel is a great favorite . Anemone type blossoms with a delightful swirl of pink, yellow, and white.
PINK HAWAIIAN CORAL - Large, cup shaped double coral, a more intensely bright shade that the other corals; cream carpels and yellow stamens peek through the center.
PINK PARFAIT - Vivid pink, full double, lightly fragrant, huge blooms with silvered petal edges. PRAIRIE CHARM - Semi-double; clear yellow and at the base of each petal is a large, dark red-purple flare. All this encircles a prominent center of creamy white and green. RASPBERRY SUNDAE - Large double bomb of cream with raspberry at the petal edges; as the plant matures, more raspberry pink is evident throughout the bloom; delightful fragrance.
RED CHARM - Gigantic double bomb piled high with a mass of red petals framed with a fan of wide red guard petals; old rose fragrance with a hint of cloves; deep, glossy dark red coloration. SARAH BERNHARDT - Rich, rose-pink double, edged a little lighter pink; a few petals show crimson edges; a favorite pink double. TOP BRASS - Wide ivory guard petals surround a large double bomb flower of canary yellow highlighted with light pink petaloids in the center; light fragrance. VICTOIRE DE LA MARNE - Very large purplish-red double with lighter edges. It has good stems and foliage.
WHITE LULLABY - Double lactiflora. White blooms have a very slight amount of red candy streaking, good substance, stamens.      





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